Friday, August 31, 2018

The Best Part of the Day

Some months ago (maybe a year, I forget) John built a new headboard for our bed. It has a shelf that’s three inches deep (I measured it). I bought orange bamboo sheets in Wisconsin, and my daughter Sue gave us her orange electric candles. At night it glows. 

We have a new bedtime habit (this will not embarrass you, I promise). 
We get into all that orange-ness and talk. 
Question: What was the best part of your day?
  • It could be as simple as the beauty of a single white cosmos with pink edges. 
  • It could be a response from his client...finally. (Note: this can lead into a long discussion on door pulls.)
  • It could be a friendly phone voice at a pharmacy.
  • It could be pleasure in cooking (me).
  • It could be a good dinner (him).

Sometimes we have the think on it a while. Hmmm? What was the best thing? Some days are so ordinary—flipping back though the file cards of our day takes an effort. But there is always something good. 
  • Self-congratulations for filling a whole yard waste bag with weeds.
  • Finishing a bunk bed ladder for the Wisconsin trailer.
  • Fulfilling my self-promise to do one sketch everyday in my journal. 

Sometimes there’s an abundance of good, which keeps us awake longer.

Although we worry about things going on in the world: the latest political scandal, wild fires or raging floods or blistering heat, and especially innocent children separated from their parents. We don’t go to sleep haunted by them.

We go the sleep thinking about something good that happened in our day. And actually maybe the best part of our day is the happy ending.

So tell me, what was the best part of your day?


  1. Today I watched some of Aretha Franklin's funeral on TV. It was wonderful to hear the singers, such as Ariana Grande, and many of the speakers, from Bill Clinton to Smokey Robinson.

  2. I did too, Joy. it was wonderful.

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