Saturday, April 26, 2014


Here’s what’s making me smile today: Solar Chicken is dancing on my kitchen window sill. Even on cloudy days, solar chicken seems to get her wiggle on. She always makes me smile. Today she’s all het up by the sun coming in the window. She’s a waggling and wiggling and making her tick tick sound that I sometimes mistake for the faucet dripping. 

This is my second solar chicken, both were gifts from my friend Ann Amenta, who finds them at the dollar store. Chicken Number One met her demise by jumping off the window still and into the kitchen sink in the middle of the night. I still can’t imagine how that happened. The dancing flowers were also a gift from Ann. 

Some things just make you smile.

The espalier apple trees are getting buds, the Mutsu apples are beginning to leaf out. 

And ASPARAGUS! The asparagus is popping up in the garden. 

Wow. Life is good. 

John just came home from Lowe's with a new Delta table saw. He's smiling.

What’s making you smile today?