Monday, February 16, 2015

The Book Report

Thank you to all my friends and family, 
who came out on a cold dark Monday night 
to help launch my book. 

It's been a busy week since my book launch party last Monday night. Here's the story...

February 8th...Sunday
I spent the day having an anxiety attack. It was supposed to rain and it was freezing cold. Rain and cold equals ICE! No one would come. I wouldn't even be able to get to the church. I expected to hear travel alerts any minute. 

Pacing. Nervous. What would I say. I hadn't written a speech. Damn, I should have written a speech. Whatever was I thinking? But then, why worry? Freezing rain—no one would come.

February 9th...Monday morning. 
No ice on our driveway. NO ICE! 

I drove north to the church to get the key, so we could lock up after the party. I dropped off a couple books. Talked to Jim Shettel about the arrangement of chairs and tables in the Pavilion. Butt tested a table—I was thinking I'd sit on the table edge instead of standing at the podium. Nice and relaxed, unless you break the table and fall on the floor. 

On the way home I stopped at Trader Joes for more treats and wine. No ice on the road!

My sister-in-law Terry stopped by. She brought a huge hug and a beautiful bouquet.

I studied my book, finding passages to read after John confirmed or looked skeptical. I decided against reading one of my favorite lines in the book, “What the fuck, Chuck!” I was going to be reading in a church, for God’s sake.

That Night
My dear husband, who had heart surgery in September, loaded boxes—four heavy boxes filled with 100 books and a case of wine—into the van. (Here, so you’ll know I’m a good and loving wife, I will mention that he’s been working out everyday—including a lot of weight lifting.) I loaded bags of treats and sweets, and we picked up Ann Amenta in route to BOOK NIGHT.

My Helpers: Keith Brown, Ann Amenta and Joy Powell.
John's busy somewhere. 

Keith arrived early to set up the church’s coffee pot. The red and white checked tablecloth was spread on the treat table, and things were looking good. Ann arranged Terry’s bouquet. Joy arranged cookies.  John and I arranged the books in piles on a table at the front of the room—same table that would hold my butt. 

People started coming, lots of hugs happened. Then some folks wanted books but couldn’t stay, so John and I stationed ourselves at the table. He took money and I signed books.

The room filled. All these people had come out in the cold on a Monday night. As I looked around at all the faces, I realized that these people were all my friends. People I liked, who liked me back. I wasn’t nervous. I plopped my butt down on the edge of the table and talked. I read some passages (none with the F word). The table didn't break. At one point I meant to take a sip of wine, and the glass shook so bad that the wine splashed out. Okay, so I wasn’t nervous…the wine glass was. 

Relaxing after my talking was done.
At the end of my talking and answering a few questions, John spoke up. He told everyone that he wasn’t there at the conception of my book. He was though…I remember running ideas past him and his fertile encouragement. Then he said, right there in front of everyone, “I’m really proud of you.” It was a high point for me.

John thinks that 70 people came. I'm not sure, but I was thrilled and honored that each one of you took the time to come out.
Thank you all!
This week I’ve met friends who wanted a book, but missed the launch party. I still have more deliveries to make. Libraries: Huntington Woods and Royal Oak each have a copy, and this week Ferndale and Birmingham are also getting gift books. So if you don’t have one, and want to read it, ask your librarian. 

Vertical books are waiting for their owners.
Horizontal books are resting until they're adopted.
Books are also available on for paperbacks, and Kindle books. And has iBooks. 

PS. After the love and kindness you’ve all shown, I feel guilty asking one more thing. But, if you're so inclined, please consider writing a brief (or long) review and rate the book on my Amazon page. You don’t have to buy the book from Amazon to write a review. Reviews really do matter.
Love you all!

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